Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Great Game & Perfect wars

Technically, World War I was NOT a "Perfect War". I may be damned for saying this. But, if its otherwise, there wouldn't have been World War II. Because, War is "WON" only when "peace" is also part of the conclusion. Makes me think, if West ever knew how to fight "Perfect Wars".

Since the end of World War II, THAT seem to be missing. West seem to be interested in keeping the war last as long as possible. Like, Korea, for example. DPRK (or the North) and ROK (or the South) is still technically at war!

A war, according to any Asian Guru, (be it Chanakya or Sun Tzu) - it always has been that war should find lasting solution for peace. Otherwise it can't end. And, focal point was on finding the solution and not keeping the war losses heap. Of late, West doesn't allow even Asians to do it. More so, coz, there is not a single credible historical Guru prior to 300-400 years.

Asia has a rich history of wars. Big or small. Chanakya is known to have guided wars. He left it to Generals on the fighting part. But, he fought it on the political part. Like, once a war is technically defeated by his General, he would have his men make family relationships with the defeated Kingdom's family. This is exactly what made Chandragupta Maurya to marry Seleucus Nicator's daughter. There, war ends. Peace sustained. This is one way of ending conflicts then. Not possible today. But, just saying, these days finding lasting solution is not the focal point. But, winning the war by killing more & inflicting more damage to lives & livelihood. Then, loot whatever is left after damage is done.

It's not without a reason that West is failing in entire Arab world from Tunisia till Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan-Pakistan, Georgia and now, Ukraine. What next? Poland & Turkey in Europe and West & Central Africa.

It's a myth that Cold War ended. It actually never ended. All these years, US is not allowed to fund a single dollar of Russian funded joint projects - like International Space Station. It is equally true that US / EU thought they would be able to decimate Russia post USSR era and they grossly miscalculated & failed miserably!

Of late, I feel, Russia (post their Afghan invasion failed), have learnt their lessons well. Take example of Georgia & Ukraine. Operating procedure was almost similar and has very few steps. Namely:
1. Do not preempt.
2. When provoked, descend on adversary with full force.
3. Surprise is no more important. Russia attacks in broad daylight.
4. Capture territories.
5. Annexe them, forever!

So, why European Union doesn't react to this by Russia? Simple. Gas. Significant amount of gas to households & industries in EU comes from Russia. You speak against Russia, supply would be cut-off. It happened in Georgia too!

Ukraine, the best Perfect War ever fought. In a matter of 3 weeks, the entire Ukraine Navy is with Russia. Yes, ENTIRELY. Black Sea Fleet of Russian Navy alone did the job! Significant milestone when it comes to Military Studies. A remarkable fete. Kudos.

Similar to Ukraine, in 1971, Bangladesh was liberated by India. Close to 90,000 Pakistan Army soldiers were captured as Prisoners of War. Now, look at the number! Ninety Three Thousand well trained & armed men? Am telling you, such fete doesn't happen always & often. You need to be blessed to see such in your lifetime.

Am beginning to think, how many bullets were even fired at Ukraine by Russia while decimating Ukraine Navy? I looked for answer on web. It's "NONE". Ukraine Navy surrendered in Crimea & Sevastopol like a pack of cards. Now, we know how much bombs were dropped on Afghanistan & Iraq to topple regimes a decade ago. And, what did we get? War is still ON! Am forced to think, if Russia should take charge to fight Terrorism than US/NATO.

Conclusion: While I welcome the thought of fighting Perfect Wars, I would also want it to be objective. Let's not just applaud Russia for anything they do. Both West & Russia are doing mistakes. All for oil & money. But, Russia lesser as it isn't the aggressor in both Ukraine & Georgia - by itself. It was forced to by constant provocation by adversaries. I want ALL wars to complete objective with finding lasting solution for peace, in a matter of weeks. NO war should be fought more than a month. Else, the War lull would set in.

Disclaimer: Am no supporter of Communism. Nor the capitalism funded wars.

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