Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Corruption, secularism & terrorism - II

At the outset, this is NOT about me. :))

This is a cover names shall be taken. Just nicknames. Decipher, if you can.

Two States of India. One sitting CM was arrested & sent to jail. One sitting CM's link with terrorists funding her is now coming to light. Don't you think these two CMs should be sent to jail - along with their 'partners in crime'? Well, we are heading there...inch by inch.

You see, it's always tough to bring a total change in the mindset of people. Until that is not done, we can't root out both corruption & terrorism. As a first step, a mindset is being brought out in the minds of people - even without help of media. These steps may not look big today, but may find a logic in days to come. Watch out.

Imagine. We tell Pakistan sponsoring terrorism in India from its soil. But, what if, a sitting CM is using terrorism as a tool to topple a National Government in a neighboring country? My dear friend Vicky Nanjappa's here will give you some idea. But, question prevailed in my mind, for quite sometime, on the actions of the CM and found no logic. Until recently another dear friend privy to information hinted to me saying, "Yaar, in the coming months, you would see a few CMs go. Almost all of them, somewhere or other related to terrorism." Friend was, clueless. How can CMs indulge / patron terrorism? He started to dig out more on the CMs. And, at times poking my dear friend Vicky also to make sure, if he's on correct path. Kyun Vicky? :))

Then, one fine day, a cold call by a friend to a friend in Tamil Nadu. Discussed with him on state of affairs. Initially, he was reluctant. Later on, he started to share a few information on how Jihadis are running a parallel government in India. And, gave inputs on their support systems. Yes, information was passed on to relevant people - happy that action is being taken. But, all these action ended up with a soft "shut up" earlier. Police's hands were tied in several key points of action - despite information. Some even privately confessed, their helplessness. So, what could one do, than to wait?

Dawn broke! Finally! It's only after the government at the Centre changed, did find some results. Few were arrested in South India & Sri Lanka. My friends were still not satisfied. Some of the terrorists were directly funded / aided & abetted by foreign powers. Made my friends wonder how deep these folks have penetrated! They made a resolution that would work more to root out these folks.

What else they found? Quite stunningly, found a link between Naxals, journos & a few high flying politicians. What?? Yup. "Hot pursuit" is on. They are already facing heat, and they know about it.

It was not without a reason, that PM had invited Heads of States of neighbors for his swearing-in ceremony. There is a huge game plan behind that. Not many understand our PM. He is moving his coins towards his target via unpredictable resources / ways. You can almost not predict him. A few in a South Asian Think Tank actually has given up reasons to predict his next move - after getting it wrong all the time. Not once they got it right. And, this group has Men & Women considered cream of the analysis profession. No, am not joking. Ask them privately, they would confess.

Shall narrate more, what I heard from my friend, on my third post on this series. Stay tuned.

(P.S: Should confess here, our Intelligence Bureau & Police Force have some of the best breed of IPS officers. They only need a go ahead, and would do anything for the Nation. No force could stop - above / under the ground, you know what I mean? All, for the Flag. For that one magic word, "India". One officer, over a cup of hot chai on a winter noon said, "Yaar, tu chinta mat kar. Agar pehle marenge toh hum marenge..." It still resonates in my ears.)

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Corruption, secularism & terrorism - I

A few months back, these were three keywords during election. But, today, it concerns two State elections & two regional leaders. Guess what? All three, as predicted are on the downward spiral. With International ramifications and interlinked. But, how? Well, let's go through it one by one.

Corruption, as we all know is the 10 letter word that has screwed our growth for the last six decades. (And, several centuries before that, by foreigners.) So, how is it linked to terrorism? And, the great secularism? There comes a crucial point. You need to understand, that corruption is done by greedy politicians, who can go to any extent & loot. That includes, sacrificing National Interest. But, how? Again, who want them to stay in power? The same ones who want to destroy us. Coz, they don't want India to progress. But, how to make them stay? Simple logic. Get a definite vote of people who vote as block, than depending on neutral voters who switch parties every time. Quite unreliable, no?

Who are these people who vote as block? There comes the secularism part. It's from the majority of population, who flip sides each time. But, on the minorities, they usually vote as block - though a considerable part of minorities do switch sides, but that's just a minority.

Sometime back, someone told that Modi got just 18-20% votes, and it wasn't a huge mandate. I told him, dear, we still have "First past the post system" and not a "Proportional representation" in our Democracy. So, if you do a proportional representation, it would have been Sardar Patel as PM and not Jawaharlal Nehru, in the first place. *Silence prevailed*.

So, do I mean to say that certain group of people don't care about corruption but yet vote for corrupt people, as they think, it's 'safer'? Well, our recent election history, says so! And, yes, that magic, has come off this time, in 2014.

Hence, political parties do a two prong attack. One: corruption. Two: sustaining their loot by being in power by just pleasing a certain number of people who are required to win an election.

Where does the terrorism angle come here? As I write this, my sources tell me that, a State's incumbent CM & her party are directly linked with Al Qaeda (ya, the same one!) & ISI (Pakistani Intelligence). But how? Well, informed friends said, PM of a neighboring country recently submitted a dossier with documented evidence of how the same happened. Quite interesting? I mean, quite saddening? Wait & watch, more skeletons in cupboard to come out.

A sitting CM? Funded by terrorists? Yes. It has happened. Quite a boiling pot, in that State. Or should I say, a ticking time-bomb?

Yes, the blot (I mean, plot), is thick. Will take time to correct. Atleast, be happy, the first steps are already on way. Every move is already planned out to make these people vanish, politically. God willing!

Let me continue about it on my next piece. This is just a primer to my next piece on this subject. Stay tuned.