Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Corruption, secularism & terrorism - I

A few months back, these were three keywords during election. But, today, it concerns two State elections & two regional leaders. Guess what? All three, as predicted are on the downward spiral. With International ramifications and interlinked. But, how? Well, let's go through it one by one.

Corruption, as we all know is the 10 letter word that has screwed our growth for the last six decades. (And, several centuries before that, by foreigners.) So, how is it linked to terrorism? And, the great secularism? There comes a crucial point. You need to understand, that corruption is done by greedy politicians, who can go to any extent & loot. That includes, sacrificing National Interest. But, how? Again, who want them to stay in power? The same ones who want to destroy us. Coz, they don't want India to progress. But, how to make them stay? Simple logic. Get a definite vote of people who vote as block, than depending on neutral voters who switch parties every time. Quite unreliable, no?

Who are these people who vote as block? There comes the secularism part. It's from the majority of population, who flip sides each time. But, on the minorities, they usually vote as block - though a considerable part of minorities do switch sides, but that's just a minority.

Sometime back, someone told that Modi got just 18-20% votes, and it wasn't a huge mandate. I told him, dear, we still have "First past the post system" and not a "Proportional representation" in our Democracy. So, if you do a proportional representation, it would have been Sardar Patel as PM and not Jawaharlal Nehru, in the first place. *Silence prevailed*.

So, do I mean to say that certain group of people don't care about corruption but yet vote for corrupt people, as they think, it's 'safer'? Well, our recent election history, says so! And, yes, that magic, has come off this time, in 2014.

Hence, political parties do a two prong attack. One: corruption. Two: sustaining their loot by being in power by just pleasing a certain number of people who are required to win an election.

Where does the terrorism angle come here? As I write this, my sources tell me that, a State's incumbent CM & her party are directly linked with Al Qaeda (ya, the same one!) & ISI (Pakistani Intelligence). But how? Well, informed friends said, PM of a neighboring country recently submitted a dossier with documented evidence of how the same happened. Quite interesting? I mean, quite saddening? Wait & watch, more skeletons in cupboard to come out.

A sitting CM? Funded by terrorists? Yes. It has happened. Quite a boiling pot, in that State. Or should I say, a ticking time-bomb?

Yes, the blot (I mean, plot), is thick. Will take time to correct. Atleast, be happy, the first steps are already on way. Every move is already planned out to make these people vanish, politically. God willing!

Let me continue about it on my next piece. This is just a primer to my next piece on this subject. Stay tuned.