Monday, March 24, 2014

Foreign intel agencies + brand new party = Chaos

Its been a few years that Corruption has been core issue in India. But, at a wider look across the globe, during the same period, lots of foreign countries have been either destabilized, split or even their rulers thrown out. So, at times, it makes one wonder if the chaos in India is somewhere (even remotely) linked to the happenings around Globe - especially, third world countries.

It all started in Georgia. The first "Colored revolution". Later, after a few years, the actual phase of destabilization in Northern Africa started with Tunisia - December 2010. At almost the same time, in April 2011, first anti-corruption protests happened in India - which has evolved to creating a 'new party' and which is supposedly fighting for the same.

In the mean time, we saw a few happenings namely, Libya ousting Gaddafi (with foreign help), Egypt ousting Mobarak (with foreign help), Sudan divided (with foreign help). And, currently we are seeing the chaos in Ukraine (with undoubted foreign help). We also saw, how protests in Yemen, Bahrain & even Saudi shook their Emirs and they had to announce tax-cuts. Is it a butterfly theory that something like this is even possible across Nations at the same time?

In India, we saw even the 'new party' - supposedly clean - ascending to power - with someone whom they spoke ill about & termed as their adversaries. In simple terms, a clean party ascend to power is with help of not-so-clean party. Irony? Well, anything is possible. Because, their mission is not limited to corruption. Or it never was?

Few blogs even wrote about how the man who rose to become head of a Province had links with a lady who was instrumental in triggering chaos in the foreign Nations - Tunisia, Egypt. And, the lady is said to be an agent of a foreign intelligence agency. 

Some of the members are very open about their views that Armed Force's presence in Kashmir should be 'with the advice of people'. But, let me tell you something. Security is given by the State to the People. People can't ask for Security - unless, its for Individual security - which is given on a case-case basis.

If that's not enough, look at the speed at which people who are against the Indian Writ joining the 'new party'. Surprised? Or may be not, yet. Imagine, a person who carries a cash reward of 500,000 Indian Rupees on his/her head getting a ticket to contest elections to Indian Parliament? The very Institution they were against until a few weeks back. One more instance happened a few weeks back, when a member of the 'new party' expressed strong views about Judiciary & even Police.

And, so, what the guys do after ascending to power in the Province? Still did protests. No governance. Rewarded who were with them in protests. Left it in two Full moons. Clearly, making sure, that they are not here for being in the system to tweak it through constitutional means. They want it to be done on streets with media support. Something, that needs food for thought.

You came to fight corruption. Fight it against incompetent leaders. Why does one want to fight corruption against a proven leader who has pioneered in development of a Province for 12 years - over 3 terms? Something is definitely missing here. Though people know the difference in credibility of the person serving three terms and the one running away within 2 full moons. Let people decide.

That said, its testing time for Media to prove their "Nation First" stance. Media should get their act together and stop such people from getting importance. This 'new party' if still in news daily for their drama that they do almost every day, they are upto something else, for sure. Posture is not everything. You need to prove on ground. 

If Media continues to do what it is doing to stop someone whom they consider as a criminal (even after Judicial verdict), for some short-term goals, its a matter of time that India is into a chaos. Or even worse, a civil war.

Wish Indian Flag flies high, always & everytime.

This is just a primer on world chaos. I shall go in detail on overseas movements and some organizations working towards Indian chaos, in detail in my next part.