Sunday, September 01, 2013

Unnale Unnale... ("Because of you because of you...")

Was just browsing some movies on Youtube and came across this Tamil movie. Watched this movie for only for second time. First time, some 4 years back. A great movie.

This movie tells a tale of a loving guy unable to adjust to the expectations of his lady love, yet, loves her wholeheartedly. the movie is so touching that one point, I could sense how the guy felt. Some amazing acting & screenplay there.

Not often, love evolves the misunderstanding phase. When it does, it always comes out stronger & bolder - moreover, passionate.

The lady in the movie is so strict that is just opposite of the character of a guy. Instead of speaking and sorting things out, the lady wants to move out of the relationship - time & again. Its not always the guy did right thing always either. But, certainly, the guy was atleast open to understand what the lady wants. Never wanted to leave the relationship.

So, basically, when talking does its bit, and with mutual adjustments, a love can always cherish. That's the most valuable takeaway from the movie.

The movie also reiterates that love can't survive when one's core qualities are to be sacrificed. It just can't be like, you love a person for certain qualities & later find faults & want to move out of relationship. Yes, that's exactly what is said in the movie.

One of the scenes goes like this during a debate (Check the video) -
The lady's friend asks a question to our man in the movie: "What do men look for in a Woman?"
Our man replies: "Care & affection"
And, our man continues by asking: "What do women expect in men?"
The lady's friend replies: "Security & love"

At the end, the debate concludes, men & women are equal not because of their advantage(s) but, because of their disadvantage(s). THAT - is exactly what I feel. Couldn't agree more on that.

Finally, the guy is shown some "care & affection" instead of character changing requirements of the Lady. The girl, who patronizes our guy is none other than the lady's friend.

That said, to be fair, even if you interchange the guy & lady's characters, my stand would be just that.

Overall, a well made movie. Kudos to the team. A MUST watch movie to all those who want to fall in love to understand the gist of what it takes for a matured relationship. Also, recommend this to all those who just broke up & still thinking about your ex. Go, get back to your loved one. No one is dying and no problem is unresolvable.

For those interested, full movie can be watched here: