Saturday, August 31, 2013

People & their reactions depends on situations

There are times when you say, "I can do it." - when you know what you are capable of.

There are times when you say, "I can manage it." - when you know, what, people whom you depend on, are capable of.

There are times when you say, "I can't do it." - when you know both the above points are not in your favour.

One such instance happened in my life in late-July & continued till early August. It was such a hell of a situation that I can't speak openly about. But, I can only narrate the repercussions.

Problem in a nut shell: I was being called by a person. And, was not in a position to take up the call & speak.

Reason: *censored* for now. Trust me, it is serious, beyond your imaginations. Else, I usually SMS & call back.

Repercussions: Termination of a relationship & hurt a person on the other end.

All I wish to say is, certain things are beyond your imagination on what the other person is going through. Know them well. Look back. Has the person ever reacted so strongly to a humble phone call? Answer is a HUGE Nope. There could be several instances, even - where the person in anger does wrong doings and apologizes. I had even forgiven your wrong doings due to which I had lost 4 years of hard work & a couple of good friends also. Yet, you were are not generous enough to accept this one situation? And, started to spread venom amongst our common friends.

Also the fact is that, how can such a good friend all of a sudden hate you for this one instance? Weird, ain't it? Well, there lies a tale. They may not have probably treated you as you treated them. Lesson of life this!

That is sad! Yet, true.

Am sure, the person is definitely going to read this post. To that person, I wish to say something I have been telling you all along: "Never take rash decisions. It just won't suit you. Also, stop acting on other's directions. Think on your own. You brain won't fetch you more value, if its unused, when its up for sale."

Good luck to your life. Now, its end of chapter. I gently, warn you to stay away.