Sunday, October 05, 2008

Just in case...

Its inevitabe that one day, US will attack NWF province of Pakistan to finish the terrorism in Afghanistan theatre. But, this is my thought to tell you that we should make most of this oppurtunity to make a long standing relationship with Pakistan. I say this for 3 simple reasons.

First, we should adhere to our policy of not support any invation into a soverign country. We did a mistake as US supporting US's Iraqi invation. Everyone in the world knows that Saddam is not a terrorist. Thats a differrent story though!

Secondly, Pakistanis are none other than our brothers who were used as pawns ever since their independence. First, it was cold war, fighting Russians in Afghanistans. But, I see them as my own brothers who were misguided. To become a regional power, India should raise an alarm and make sure that this does not happen. I am telling this not because we are not capable of fighting Pakistanis and we are cowards. But, look at it as a matter of mere common sense. Reasons...

- Allowing US in our backyard, would seriously disturb our security as well.
- They are already in Deigo Garcia (near Seychelles...) and are monitoring our movements till Mumbai. By allowing them in Pakistan, they would be able to sense whats happenning in Delhi as well!
- US is known to change stances often. They supported Talibans, and are fighting them now. So, one day, they would also 'launch' against us from Pakistan.
- US monitoring our Northern parts would also have a ripple effect on our relations with China.

Thirdly, we are not a threat to Pakistan. We have said it all along. Now, its time to prove it as well.

End result? Now, you may ask for end result. Yes, we can surely expect Pakistan to have major changes in its policy towards India...(Now, these could be imaginary as well. But, I leave it to Security experts and plicy makers.)

First - By doing this, we are passing a strong message to Pakistani people that we are not against you and won't support any attack on you by any foreign power. (Having worked in North India for sometime, I believe that Pakistanis are very kind enough. And, the lifestyle is similar to the one that we see in Delhi! You get roti parathas in food stalls. And, I hear that from many people who visited Lahore in many occassions. Hope I too visit it one day.)

Secondly - We are proving that we are a regional power and being so, we are very much ready for regional integration.

Thirdly - SAARC would assume significance. Free trade might be possible. As Zardari said we are the largest democracy and we have the power to be BIG in our region.

Fourth - Pakistan and its people would be more focussed on its western borders while relieved of its border issues on the east. It will surely take a back seat.

Fifth - Kashmir problem can be settled in an amicable way.

So, its time that has the answer for all changes. So, as always, time will answer.

Just think, how would it be, if following happens in the Indian sub-continent...
- We have a rail-road linking from Colombo to Kabul.
- We have a single currency - Rupee
- We have multi -ethnic community in my neighbourhood.
- We have easy access to Tirunelveli Halwa in Kabul.
- We would be having more than 10 major ports and we can ease congestion.
- We can buy oil in bulk so that we get the same in better rates.
- We should be able to drive the humble Maruti 800 from Colombo to Kabul - Kathmandu - Thimpu - Dhaka.

Come on, lets make the most out of globalisation and we head fast in the right direction. As of today, I see a major change in stance by Pakistan (after reading Zardari's interview). Lets wait and watch how Pakistan and its people react to this change and how well they are able to sustain the stance.

Again, this is not a cowardly statement. But, just to reiterate that we can't always keep aiming our guns at our western border and that our troops should be given other responsibilities.

Lets see how our experts take this forward. I strongly believe in regional brotherhood. Remember, we were one before British occupied us. And, its time that we go back to sqare one to return to normalcy. Hope something good happens by 2020 and not only India, but SAARC is a world power by then.

Jai Hind!