Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Where are we heading? Are we on a civilized society?

It will be downplaying the seriousness of the issue, if I say "I am shocked" after watching this video. Some basic questions that is still in my mind are...

1. When are we going to get void of the so-called reservation and start giving equal oppurtunity?

2. Don't you think, the government has literally failed, even if one person asked for a reservation - the basis of which is non-availability of oppurtunities?

3. What was the need for such a brutal act by people - like stripping women? What did they in turn get from this?

4. Do such people indulging in violent acts deserve to be part of civilized society?

5. Does anyone at the Central government stop thinking about nuclear deal and their infighting and seriously start thinking about people's issues and look start making weekly analysis at their own goverment in respective provinces?

I am trully ashamed being an Indian for this case though I am proud being an Indian for a million other reasons!

Fellow Indians, wakeup to the reality! Hope not to blog about such a thing again! Co-operate fellow Indians!