Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Beginning of the worst

Yes, I felt very sad when I read this article. Little did they know when they sacrificed their lives to save people. People who are now stepping back from giving justice to people who saved them. And, this article is attributed to all those very people who sacrificed their lives.

Nations both Democratic and Socialistic encountered a rude shock on December 13th 2001, when Indian Parliament - heart of largest democracy was attacked by Terrorists. Of course, it is really sad. But whats happenning now is equally sad.

For instance, Supreme Court has upheld death sentence on Afzal. But, our govenment has delayed it for some unknown reason though it is unconstitutional to go against Judiciary. Sad thing.

On the other hand, the spouse and close relatives of people who sacrificed their life while preventing the terrorists entering into the heart of most populous democracy have decided to return medals given to them.

Irony is that, one of the ministers have said that they would initiate action against the people if they return the medals. And went on saying and I quote, "its un-constitutional..."

What a world...when are we going to think to stop existing and start living??